Thursday, December 15, 2011

Printed Chiffon Jacket: Eclipse, Sheer Button Up Blouse: Zara (Thrifted), Pleather Leggings: Aldo, Pleather Heel Ankle Booties: Stitches, Wallet/Clutch: Gifted, Gold Cuff: Forever 21, Flat Button Earrings: Craft Store

I was going to do a "New In" post today, but the weather is too dark out to take good pictures. First off I love this outfit! The chiffon jacket was something that I wanted months ago but did not purchase. When I went into the store a few days ago there it was, on sale. This beauty only cost me 11 dollars, so happy! The wallet used to belong to a friend  who I work with, when she bought a new one she gave this one to me; so sweet! Lastly these earrings I have been getting tons of compliments on, you'll never guess where I got them.. They are actually backings you buy at the craft store to make your own earrings, I thought they looked good on their own too. Not a bad price either, for 4 dollars you get something like 48 pairs, atleast i'll never lose them lol. 

Also, can you believe Christmas is 10 days away and all the snow from my previous post has melted. With Christmas so close and such a lack of snow it feels so odd. Do you have snow yet where you live? 
- Ally x


  1. I love your outfit deary! That chiffon jacket is so amazing. I've passed up so many because I just couldn't figure out how to style them on myself (i think they're a bit light and fluffy for my skin tone!) but you totally rocked yours!
    lyndsey of hellolyndsey

  2. I love the chiffon jacket and the leggings ensemble. Very chic :)