Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year my lovely readers! I know I've been a bad blogger lately but now that all the Christmas and boxing day sales rush is over I can finally post regular again. This little picture is from a month or so ago before we had snow. I thought I would post something a little sparkly for you guys, these shorts (and the clutch) are from Forever 21 and the pullover from Stitches. I can not wait to take pictures and post all the new outfit ideas I have, 2012 will be a great year for this blog! Do you guys have any new year resolutions?? 

- Ally

Saturday, December 24, 2011

 Printed Chiffon Jacket: Eclipse, Chiffon Dress: Sirens, Pleather Heel Ankle Booties: Stitches, Smokey Ring: Forever 21, Gold Bangle: Thrifted, Pleather Purse: Forever 21

Finally another outfit post! Christmas has been so busy, today is my only day off. After Christmas day I work monday to friday ek! Hopefully I'll be able to post enough. Anyway on to the outfit.... love the chiffon jacket, I find it so gorgeous. The colours go so well with beige, of course more neutrals. The smokiness of this ring is so pretty too, not to mention cheap. These pictures where taken around last week so I'm a bit of a cheat ha. But now there is just enough snow for the holidays. I spent today wrapping gifts and eating ginger bread and now it's finally starting to kick in that tonight is Christmas eve! Can't wait to give the gifts I bought for my family, hopefully I'll get a chance to post Christmas-sy stuff tomorrow! Thanks for reading and hope you all have a wonderful holiday! 
- Ally Xx

Monday, December 19, 2011

Suede Floppy Hat: Urban Outfitters, Knit Pullover: Garage, Maxi Dress (Worn as skirt): Stitches, Pleather Zipper Clutch: Forever 21, Pleather Heel Ankle Booties: Stitches, Silver Rings: Thrifted

Took these pictures a couple of days ago when the weather was just lovely out. I love the idea of prolonging the life of my summer maxi dress and wearing it in the winter with different sweaters on top and fleece leggings underneath to keep me warm. I really love the way these pictures turned out with the sun rays and slight wind. 

Work has been so hectic lately so I apoligize for the lack of posts. Retail at Christmas time is always craziness. But after Christmas I can not wait to have way more time to blog, so be prepared! I've already been planning outfits with two articles of clothing my parents bought for Christmas; a gray navajo print cardigan and a black and beige fair isle print bodycon skirt. Can not wait! 
- Ally Xx

Friday, December 16, 2011


Just seen this cardigan on I think it is so gorgeous! What do you guys think? For 45 dollars it is not a bad buy, it looks sooooo warm!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Printed Chiffon Jacket: Eclipse, Sheer Button Up Blouse: Zara (Thrifted), Pleather Leggings: Aldo, Pleather Heel Ankle Booties: Stitches, Wallet/Clutch: Gifted, Gold Cuff: Forever 21, Flat Button Earrings: Craft Store

I was going to do a "New In" post today, but the weather is too dark out to take good pictures. First off I love this outfit! The chiffon jacket was something that I wanted months ago but did not purchase. When I went into the store a few days ago there it was, on sale. This beauty only cost me 11 dollars, so happy! The wallet used to belong to a friend  who I work with, when she bought a new one she gave this one to me; so sweet! Lastly these earrings I have been getting tons of compliments on, you'll never guess where I got them.. They are actually backings you buy at the craft store to make your own earrings, I thought they looked good on their own too. Not a bad price either, for 4 dollars you get something like 48 pairs, atleast i'll never lose them lol. 

Also, can you believe Christmas is 10 days away and all the snow from my previous post has melted. With Christmas so close and such a lack of snow it feels so odd. Do you have snow yet where you live? 
- Ally x

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Knit Pullover: Walmart, Gold Zipper Jeggings: Stitches, Fringed Moccassin Boots: Forever21, Gold Watch: Suzy Shier, Tan and Gold Cuff: Thrifted

Just a quick post! I just got off work and ran to post this. Love the new watch I bought at Suzy Shier, it was only around $13 dollars, doesn't it look more expensive? Expect a new in post tommorrow, got some nice lovely items at (of course) cheap prices. 
Acting as my co model today is my dog, Buddy. We rescued him from an animal shelter and he is the seriously the best and smartest dog I know. Isn't he adorable!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Denim Button Up Blouse: Stitches, Gold Zipper Pants: Stitches, Fringed Suede Heel Booties: Thrifted, Pleather Zipper Clutch: Forever 21, Silver Ring: Thrifted, Cuff: Moms'

So first off blogger seems to have deleted my followers from my page, is this a common thing? Has it happened to any of you guys? I'm just hoping it will reappear later... 

On to the outfit, really one of my cheapest outfits, every piece was under $15 except for the clutch. I love the cuff that my Mom gave to me, if you look up close it has a rabbit and other things engraved on it. It used to have bells on it too, but my Mom took them off out of annoyance. The ring was like $2 at a thrift store and it is so pretty. Thanks for reading lovelies! 
- Ally

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

How Come You Never Go There?

Cropped Pullover: Winners, Black Sheer Button Up Blouse: Zara, Pleather Shorts: Stitches, Pleather Heel Ankle Booties: Stitches, Faux Snakeskin Clutch: Urban Outfitters, Silver Spoon Ring: Thrifted
Rose Gold Nailpolish: Essie in "Buy Me a Cameo"

Isn't this ring just gorgeous! It's one of my moms' and I many thrifted gems, it is a silver ring made to look like the end of a tea spoon. It starts so many jewlery conversations with people too (pretty jewelery and a conversation piece? I'll take it!). I also love these pleather shorts, after searching and searching for a good pair I found these for $10 on sale a couple of months ago. 

I can't believe it is december and it still has not started snowing where I live. Common isn't this Canada?! Right now it is about 5 degrees and raining out, although I feel like I'm the only one that wants snow so bad. Speaking of Christmas, I've been obsessed with Feists' Metals album and have asked for it as a pressie (my one request, I hate asking for presents..). Anyway I have seen Feist in concert before and it was one of the most amazing shows, does not dissapoint! 
- Ally 

Saturday, December 3, 2011

And my life is underground...

Suede Floppy Hat: Urban Outfitters, Draped Top: Forever21, Gold Zipper Pants: Stitches, Fringed Suede Heel Booties: Thrifted, Gold Cuff: Forever 21

Another quick post before work! It's so nice out today it is a shame to be stuck inside a mall all day, and it's supposed to be December?! So burgundy has to be my favourite fall trend this year, even though I've been wearing this colour way before this year, but it is nice to have it in all stores. Speaking of burgundy I've been lusting over a burgundy bandage pencil skirt at a store called "Eclipse." It's so gorgeous... what would you ladies wear with it? I'll probably cave soon and get it. Enjoy your day readers! 
- Ally xo

Friday, December 2, 2011

Shake Me Down

Suede Floppy Hat: Urban Outfitters, Black Blazer: Forever21, Gray Pullover: Stitches, Corduroy Skinny Pants: Walmart, Fringed Moccassin Booties: Forever21, Crystal Necklace: Urban Outfitters

This is what I wore today, with my lovely hat. I love this blazer, it goes with everything and I would love to get some in other colours... I can't decide what colour though! What do you think? Camel, apricot, maybe even tweed?

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Gold Zippers

Knit Pullover: Stitches, Zipper Pants: Stitches, Pleather Heel Ankle Booties: Stitches, Faux Snakeskin Clutch: Urban Oufitters, Sheer Button Up Blouse (Underneath): Zara

It's now the season were I have to take most my pictures inside,  and so far it's going well. It's moments like these that I'm thankful for painting one of my walls white at home. With that said I am loving these pants, they are super comfy and the zippers are so perfect. The pullover has the perfect mix of comfy and loose but still slightly formfitting, if that makes sense! Well again I'm off to work, the Christmas season is getting busier and busier. 
- Ally Xx

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

I wish...

This is my Moms ring and sadly I am in love with it. No matter how much I beg she won't let me wear it. Any of you guys have tips on how to bribe Moms?!