Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Gold Zippers

Knit Pullover: Stitches, Zipper Pants: Stitches, Pleather Heel Ankle Booties: Stitches, Faux Snakeskin Clutch: Urban Oufitters, Sheer Button Up Blouse (Underneath): Zara

It's now the season were I have to take most my pictures inside,  and so far it's going well. It's moments like these that I'm thankful for painting one of my walls white at home. With that said I am loving these pants, they are super comfy and the zippers are so perfect. The pullover has the perfect mix of comfy and loose but still slightly formfitting, if that makes sense! Well again I'm off to work, the Christmas season is getting busier and busier. 
- Ally Xx

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

I wish...

This is my Moms ring and sadly I am in love with it. No matter how much I beg she won't let me wear it. Any of you guys have tips on how to bribe Moms?!

Monday, November 28, 2011

New In

Bought these lovely new items at work yesterday! Love the camel coloured, cable knit pullover. So warm and cozy for the fast approaching winter, brrrrr! These pants are so cool and comfy, they`re pretty much jeggings but nicer. I fell in love with the gold zippers and piping down the leg. I also got some moccassin slippers for around the house. I have a problem with moccassins, I never have enough.
 I bought all this for a grand total of..... (drumroll)... 30 bucks! The pullover was 20 dollars, the pants on sale for $10 and the slippers $12 with an added 35% off employee discount; perfect.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Just a Quick Post

Knitted Beret: Forever 21, Striped Knit Top: Forever21, Jeggings: Stitches, Zipper Boots: Stitches. Brown Braided Belt: Thrifted, Gold Cuff: Forever 21, Pleather Bag: Hurley

Friday, November 25, 2011

What's In Stores?


A new aspect to my blog; I'll focus on items in stores that I've been lusting over and how I would wear them. First off I've been loving the gold collar necklace trend and these two are lovely, the only problem is I love both! After buying my black floppy wool hat it is fast becoming a staple; this burgundy version is gorgeous. Again with the faux snakeskin/croc trend this clutch is perfect. I love it's rusty hue and chain strap. I've been looking for black suede wedges like these for what seems like forever, sadly my size is sold out (I hope they restock soon!). Lastly I would pair all these with this golden shimmer pullover. So what do you think? Hope this doesn't sound too conceded... Everything is from Forever21.

Too Cool To Be Forgotten...

Black Fitted Blazer: Forever 21, Tank Top: Forever 21, Harem Pants: Giant Tiger, Pleather Heel Ankle Booties: Stitches, Leopard Print Clutch: Forever 21, Gold Cuff and Hairclip: Forever 21

Yes, I'm rocking harem pants today. But they are the most comfiest pants I own, light and airy, not to mention the cute bow tie aswell. In my opinion I find these pants quite easy to pull off, I thought my boyfriend would hate them but surprisingly he loves them on me almost more then I do! I like the casual pant suit feel that the blazer adds to this outfit also.  Loving the pink colour of this tank top, and I'm not a pink kind of girl. I love stores with a wide range of coloured tank tops, now I just need to find a burgundy one.

Today I made really yummy peabutter and chocolate chip cookies. Peabutter is an alternative to real peanut butter for people with allergies, and these cookies are delicious! I will post the pictures I took of them tomorrow.
- Ally Xx

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Tortoise Bead Necklace: Forever21, Mustard Pullover: G21 Walmart, Zipper Skirt: Forever21, Oxford Flats: Stitches, Black and Brown Bag: Forever21

Love this pullover I picked up at Walmart, the colour is the perfect mustard. If you haven't already noticed I pretty much always wear neutral colours, but this mustard is an exception (along with burgundy, navy and olive). This week I've been working again and it has been lovely. I adore working in a clothing store, the only problem is the temptation! How am I supposed to say no to the cute clothes I spend 9 hours a day with? Atleast my store has cheap prices....
- Ally 

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Suede Floppy Hat: Urban Outfitters, Sheer Button Up Blouse: Zara, Dress (worn as skirt): Sirens, Tights: Ardenes, Fringed Suede Heel Booties: Thrifted, Faux Snakeskin Clutch: Urban Outifitters, Gold Cuff: Forever 21

Hello! First I have to say that I love this outfit! I love the way the tied up blouse looks with the beige dress as a skirt. Again I'm wearing my new favourite clutch and hat, can't get enough.  

Today is my first day back at work for the holidays, I'm expecting it to be crazy!! Well off to work wish me luck, thanks for reading everyone!
- Ally XO

Friday, November 18, 2011

 Just a little post of my "healthy" breakfast, yes even though it has chocolate icing I consider it healthy because it has bananas in it (I'll keep telling myself that). The other pictures are some of my little treasures that I adore. I would love to be posting daily outfits, but as of right now I'm back at my family home for the holidays and my boyfriend (eg my lovely photographer) has to stay at our apartment till he is done exams. We smartly planned for this however and I still have tons of outfit posts ahead, just every second day!

This beautiful rock I found in the side of a mountain in dirt at my Uncle's house. Just a raw beautiful quartz. Upon finding out that this isn't the only one that is there I can't wait to go back and hunt for more and yes I will spend hours looking for them! Who knew something so gorgeous can be right under your feet.

This necklace is another sale item from Urban Outfitters. When I first saw them they took my breath away they were so beautiful (cheesy I know). But the 44 dollar price tag was not in my budget. Low and behold when I returned a week later they were on sale.... 10 dollars. I bought this one and one for my Mom, which is a different cut.

These three rocks used to one until I smashed it with a hammer lol. A girl I used to be friends with gave it to me in gr.3 or so and I've had it ever since. So after smashing it into three pieces I decided it would be awesome to glue earring posts on the back of two and it worked wonderfully (pic at the bottom). Can't wait to wear them in an outfit post!

And thus concludes my very interesting post about rocks (sarcasm). Have a lovely night ladies!
- Ally XO

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Mystery Girl

Suede Floppy Hat:  Urban Outfitters, Sheer Button Up Blouse: Zara, Braided Belt: Thrifted, Flared Jeans: Bluenotes,
Heel Booties: Stitches, Faux Snakeskin Clutch: Urban Outfitters, Grey Smokey Ring: Forever21

So far I am adoring the hat and clutch, I have a feeling you guys are going to get very tired of both of them ha! This Zara blouse I actually thrifted at a Value Village, I wear it on a weekly basis too. I've been loving the pussybow trend for blouses, so I just made my own! I took the waist tie from a pair of harem pants and just tied it around, so easy and cheap.

I also just landed a job for the christmas season at a clothing store, so hopefully that means more new items to show you guys! Thought of a brilliant idea to spend my evening, making caramel drizzled pretzels! I'll take pics of they turn out! 
- Ally xo

Monday, November 14, 2011

New In

Picked up some lovely new items during an awesome sale at Urban Outfitters ( 50% off sale merchandise ). I've been wanting a suede floppy black hat for what seems like forever! This one is a brand called "Mint" and orginally with a price tag of $44.00 and I bought it for a mere $5.00! The snake skin clutch is a trend that I've been dying to try, this one is by Kimichi Blue and was $28.00, but I paid again, $5.00. You just can't beat sales like that, especially at a store like UO. The last picture is a nail polish I picked up today, it's Essie - Buy Me a Cameo and it is the perfect rose gold. This is my first Essie and I've been searching for something rose gold. Well I can not wait to incorporate these into outfits for you guys! Thanks for reading. 

- Ally xo