Saturday, February 4, 2012

Birthday Shopping Haul (Picture Heavy)

Just a little haul post of what I bought with my birthday money, I hope posts like this aren't too materialistic, because that's not what I'm intending! Also because you guys expect no less of me, most of the stuff I bought was on sale! Starting with this jacket I got at Urban Outfitters; I had been looking at it for a few weeks.The gold sequins are the perfect shine; not to glitzy and not matte. Not to mention it's heavy and really well made. The orignal price was $99.00 and I got it for $40.00, such a good deal!

 I got yet another rust item, this is from Sirens and it was marked down from $19.00 to $12.00. I just couldn't resist! Not to mention this fits way better then the rust blouse I bought a few posts ago at Forever 21, the Forever 21 one is short and boxy; maybe it was cropped a little. Anyway this one fits way better and can't wait to outfit post with it!

 This bag is so gorgeous! The black pleather, wooly half and rose gold hardware is perfect. The bag is huge too, I could carry so much in it. Another cool part was that it came with 2 long straps, so I thought I would use the extra one as a belt and it looks amazing! I bought it at Urban Outfitters, I paid $40.00 but it was orginally $60.00.

 I also bought this awesome sunglasses case at Aldo, so useful. Now maybe my sunglasses can last more then a couple of months. I bought the sunglasses for $10.00  at Urban Outfitters, I love the tortoiseshell look.

And lastly just some pretty flowers I bought at the grocery store... and yes they were on sale too ha. x


  1. I love your blog! I followed! I would love it if you could check out my blog and follow me? Thanks so much!


  2. that gold sequin number really is a win from 99.00 to 40.00 whoa!

  3. That gold sequin jacket is immesne! What a good buy, not materialistic at all! I love seeing new purchases, great blog following!! xxx