Friday, November 18, 2011

 Just a little post of my "healthy" breakfast, yes even though it has chocolate icing I consider it healthy because it has bananas in it (I'll keep telling myself that). The other pictures are some of my little treasures that I adore. I would love to be posting daily outfits, but as of right now I'm back at my family home for the holidays and my boyfriend (eg my lovely photographer) has to stay at our apartment till he is done exams. We smartly planned for this however and I still have tons of outfit posts ahead, just every second day!

This beautiful rock I found in the side of a mountain in dirt at my Uncle's house. Just a raw beautiful quartz. Upon finding out that this isn't the only one that is there I can't wait to go back and hunt for more and yes I will spend hours looking for them! Who knew something so gorgeous can be right under your feet.

This necklace is another sale item from Urban Outfitters. When I first saw them they took my breath away they were so beautiful (cheesy I know). But the 44 dollar price tag was not in my budget. Low and behold when I returned a week later they were on sale.... 10 dollars. I bought this one and one for my Mom, which is a different cut.

These three rocks used to one until I smashed it with a hammer lol. A girl I used to be friends with gave it to me in gr.3 or so and I've had it ever since. So after smashing it into three pieces I decided it would be awesome to glue earring posts on the back of two and it worked wonderfully (pic at the bottom). Can't wait to wear them in an outfit post!

And thus concludes my very interesting post about rocks (sarcasm). Have a lovely night ladies!
- Ally XO

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