Thursday, November 10, 2011

Scarf: Knitted by Mom, Light Brown Pullover: Stitches, Flowy Shorts: Stitches, Tights: Ardenes, Owl Earrings: Forever21,
Heeled Oxfords: American Eagle for Payless, Bookbag: Bluenotes
Wore this today! I love this scarf my mom knitted for me; it's so warm and the colour is the perfect burgundy. I apologize for the wrinkly shorts, I currently do not own a iron at my apartment, but this proves it's time to get one! The oxfords where given to me by a friend and I think they are pretty cute; I probably wouldn't have bought them on my own. Also loving these owl earrings! 

Can't resist posting this picture of the delicious supper the boyfriend and I made... just noodles, cheese, tomato sauce and vegetarian chicken strips; but it tasted like heaven!
- Ally xo

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