Monday, December 19, 2011

Suede Floppy Hat: Urban Outfitters, Knit Pullover: Garage, Maxi Dress (Worn as skirt): Stitches, Pleather Zipper Clutch: Forever 21, Pleather Heel Ankle Booties: Stitches, Silver Rings: Thrifted

Took these pictures a couple of days ago when the weather was just lovely out. I love the idea of prolonging the life of my summer maxi dress and wearing it in the winter with different sweaters on top and fleece leggings underneath to keep me warm. I really love the way these pictures turned out with the sun rays and slight wind. 

Work has been so hectic lately so I apoligize for the lack of posts. Retail at Christmas time is always craziness. But after Christmas I can not wait to have way more time to blog, so be prepared! I've already been planning outfits with two articles of clothing my parents bought for Christmas; a gray navajo print cardigan and a black and beige fair isle print bodycon skirt. Can not wait! 
- Ally Xx


  1. love ur style!
    i follow you!
    hug from BARCELONA

    follow each other?

  2. I adore your sweater! :) and I know what it's like to work retail during Thanksgiving/Christmas. it kind of sucks the holiday spirit out of you at times haha.

  3. I so agree, I was really excited for Christmas before I started working ugh

  4. I just adore your sweater and skirt! i wish I could find skirts long enough for my super tall self :/. I couldn't imagine working in retail during the holidays.. goodness it must be overwhelming!
    lyndsey of hellolyndsey